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Martha and Snoop Share Full Recipes For “Bringing Home the Bacon”

Martha and Snoop Share Full Recipes For “Bringing Home the Bacon”

Wake up and smell the coffee, because Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are fixing breakfast for dinner on an all new episode of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party! No idea what we did to deserve such a treat, but our favorite fictional mom and dad have got their jammies on and they’re ready to serve!

Martha’s recipe: Gruyere Popovers, Fried Eggs and Creamed Spinach. Or as Snoop calls it: “fancy-ass hot pockets.” This poppin’ breakfast dish may look healthy, but it’s all kinds of cheesy and creamy goodness. None of Martha’s typically complicated cooking could be done without the help of her sous-chef, Robin Thicke, who promises Martha he won’t be making another “naked lady album.”


NEXT: Check out Snoop’s P-I-Double-G waffles with bacon pieces

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