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Power Season 4 Episode 1 “When I Get Out”

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Power Season 4 Episode 1 “When I Get Out”

Watch Full Episode of Power Season 4 Episode 1 “When I Get Out”

Having been wrongfully arrested for the murder of FBI Agent Greg Knox, James St. Patrick faces threats from both inside and outside the prison. Outside, Angela and the Feds assemble a team and begin to build their case against St. Patrick and Tasha scrambles to gather bail money for Ghost. Tommy navigates his new role as connect in the drug organization and enlists Dre’s help in recovering a kidnapped Tariq as Kanan and Jukebox discuss their plan for him in light of Ghost’s arrest.

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About the show:

Season 4 will pick up on the heels of James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s highly publicized arrest by his ex-girlfriend, AUSA Angela Valdes, for the murder of FBI Agent Greg Knox – a crime he did not commit. Ghost can’t outrun his past choices and mounting enemies this season, which threaten his freedom and his family’s safety at every turn. His fight for redemption brings him face-to-face with the Feds, the media, new allies, and old foes. But the biggest obstacle for Ghost remains himself and his internal struggle between the man he wants to be and the one he really is.

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