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Ryan Murphy On Why He Re-Edited Mass Shooting In ‘AHS: Cult’ + Watch Sneak Preview

American Horror Story: Cult

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy On Why He Re-Edited Mass Shooting In ‘AHS: Cult’ + Watch Sneak Preview

Since the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas with 59 dead and over 500 people injured, AHS decided to edit the upcoming episode to remove graphic violence depicted in a storyline’s shooting massacre.

Check out the preview of a video clip for Oct 10 episode below:

According to Deadline:

AHS creator Ryan Murphy explained why he decided to re-cut the upcoming episode “Mid-Western Assassin” of the current season of the anthology Cult to tone down a mass shooting in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

Ryan Murphy

“I believe I have the right to air it. But I also believe in victims’ rights and I believe that now is not the week to have something explosive or incendiary in the culture.”

The shooting sequence was devised and shot months before the Las Vegas incident, he said. After discussions with Fox execs and other members of the team behind the show, the episode was re-edited to have the violence de-emphasized and occur largely off-screen.

“It was meant to be an obvious anti-gun warning about society,” Murphy noted about the intent of the show.

While he endeavors to be sensitive, Murphy told Nussbaum that, as a viewer, he finds very little offensive. “But I grew up as an artist in the ’80s with huge cultural discussions about Serrano and Piss Christ and ‘Should it be banned,’ and ‘Should somebody be allowed to create certain kinds of work? ‘” Asked about the frequent charge that he is self-consciously trying to provoke, Murphy insisted, “I never do anything to offend.”

Source: FX

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