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The Next :15 Season 1 Episode 8 “That’s a Wrap!”

The Next :15 Season 1 Episode 8 “That’s a Wrap!”

TV One’s reality series “The Next :15” aired the 8th episode Wednesday night (March 23, 2016).

Claudia confronts Jennifer about a controversial video; Laura quits the talk show, which forces Claudia and Karamo to film as a duo; Carlos throws a wrap party where Jennifer debuts her single; and Benzino makes a surprise announcement.

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About the show (via TV One):

The Next :15 follows the lives of six reality stars long after their television debuts have come and gone.

Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives Of Atlanta fame is exploring new opportunities in the media world. Jennifer Williams is leveraging her stint on Basketball Wives into a co-hosting position for an online talk show. The Real World: Philadelphia‘s first out, gay cast member Karamo Brown is cultivating his career in broadcasting. Basketball Wives’ Laura Govan is exploring her creative side by authoring children’s books. Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s Benzino is balancing fatherhood and helming the ship of “Hip Hop Weekly,” and Flavor of Love’s Tiffany “New York” Pollard is spreading her sass and charm in the acting world.

The group decides to embark on a group project that will give each of them the opportunity to shine in their area of expertise, but all of these big personalities in one room are sure to cause conflict. Will they rise to the occasion and get things done? Or will they succumb to reality stereotypes and quickly see their 15 minutes of fame fade out?

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  • GirlFriend

    Karamo and Claudia celebrating as if they were the only two that should’ve been on the show is what’s considered a Shallow-thrill.. that only they shared. Babies, congratulations though.. ya’ll showed you cannot work well with a diverse team. That’s what you showed the world! I’d rather read the newspaper and my twitter feed than watch this fake, clownish chick or two-faced dude. I was actually excited to see Tiffany P! -who is truly intelligent and really speaks her mind, Benzino who always gives some good advice-he’s a wholesome dude forreal.. and Jennifer, I always knew she had more to her than a downplayed homegirl to a triflin Evelyn..and for her to be on front screen, I was rooting for her also- she’s not fake and shallow like those intimidated by her try to make her seem. Also, my girl Laura… Carlos you did a good job with the cast.. give Claudia a little 1 or .5% for the idea and run with the show without that biddie.. . tootles ..

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