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WATCH ‘Love And Hip Hop’ FIRED Hazel-E Almost 2 Weeks Ago!


WATCH ‘Love And Hip Hop’ FIRED Hazel-E Almost 2 Weeks Ago!

So Hazel-E already got the axe before her self-hate and homophobic rant went viral.

According to TMZ:

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” is done with Hazel-E — she’s been dropped from the hit show, but producers claim it’s NOT because she said all gays should burn in hell.

A spokesperson for VH1 and the show’s producers, Monami and Eastern, say they collectively decided not to pick up Hazel’s option for the next season of ‘LHHH’ — but the decision was made on Oct. 4. That’s a full 2 weeks before Hazel and her boyfriend went on a heinously homophobic social media rant.

Sources connected to production tell us Hazel had already worn out her welcome by the time she made the remark about gays and the Bible. We’re told she pissed off producers back in September, during the reunion show taping, which is why they pulled the plug.

As we reported, ‘LHH’ creator Mona Scott-Young was infuriated by Hazel’s verbal attack, and made sure VH1 knew it … perhaps to squash any possibility of bringing her back.

“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” creator Mona Scott-Young was disgusted by Hazel-E’s homophobic social media rant, and if she gets her way … Hazel will be canned ASAP.

Sources close to the ‘LHHH’ executive producer tell TMZ … she made it clear with VH1 she expects Hazel to get booted from the show for saying gays should burn in hell, but contrary to popular belief … Mona doesn’t get final say on personnel decisions.

Our sources say it’s not just the homophobic rant that pissed her off … Hazel’s negative remarks about women of color have disgusted her as well.

We’re told Mona’s production company is not the only one involved with ‘LHHH’ so Hazel’s fate will be a group decision — but she’s pressing the network hard to 86 her.

As we reported, Hazel told us she’s sorry about her homophobic comments. Mostly.

Hazel admits it wasn’t the brightest thing to do, especially because she relies heavily on the LGBT community’s support. She’s now backing off the death wish, but she’s clinging to the religious part of her rant.

Are you happy to see Hazel-E go??  Let us know in the comments below.

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